Have you had a chance to read over the last three blog post, Fear to Freedom, Let’s Face It People Are Hard to Please, and Why You are on this Earth?! I have enjoyed sharing my continual journey of breaking the fear of people in my life with you.

Now, I am excited to share the LAST key on my journey to freedom.

I understand that I have been entrusted with authority.

The biggest revelation I have had in this process is an understanding of the authority entrusted to me. As Christians, we have been entrusted with the same spirit and authority that raised Christ Jesus from the dead (Rom 8:11).

Does that not excite you to some degree?! Like WHOA!

The bible says that we have the ability through the Holy Spirit to do even greater things than Jesus did while on Earth (John 14:12-14). The reason we are able to see this statement true in our lives is through the Holy Spirit and the authority we have been given through it. We couldn’t do greater things than Jesus did without authority. However, it seems too many christians are walking around not understanding their God given authority. I know, I did for too long.

When I understand I have authority I no longer have to bow down to the voice of the enemy (which is a big load of lies) that wages war against the knowledge and truth of God. I understand now that the only thing that gives the enemy power in my life is my “yes”. Therefore, I am determined to walk in the authority that I have been given through Christ to combat the enemy and his ways.

To be honest, I am still on the journey of discovering this key. However, what I am discovering thus far is that I have the ability through the Holy Spirit to command healing and blessing in the name of Jesus. That I can choose to not accept attacks over my life, to ask for more protection, and to wage war against spiritual dynamics.

There is a great book I have been reading on authority called “I Give You Authority; Practicing the Authority Jesus Gave Us” by Charles Kraft. This book breaks down the authority we have in Christ in a manner that you will feel equipped to walk in. I encourage you to get a hold of the book and gain a greater understanding of authority and what that looks like in our lives.

Simply said; when Jesus died on the cross and rose again, He made us WINNERS. I want to live and outwork as the #winner that God created me to be. The enemy wants to make us believe that we are somehow less powerful than him BUT it’s just not true. Now that I am gaining a greater understanding of my authority I am determined to help God’s girls understand it too!

Through The She Laughs Project we want to do just this! It will be a journey of discovery as we seek and trust the Lord together!


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  1. Ashley says: Reply

    I’m definitely going to check that book out. 😊

    1. YAY! You will love it! Let us know what you think 🙂

  2. KJ says: Reply

    Yasmina, come on girl! You are a winner! Reading this gets me excited for whats ahead! We all created with such intentionality and purpose; I can’t wait see The She Laughs Projects’s journey expand in equipping the women of this generation to rise up in full freedom!

    1. AHHH! Thank you so much Kylie!!! I can’t wait to see it either!!

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