I hope over the last few weeks as you have read Fear to Freedom and Let’s Face it, People are Hard to Please that you have been encouraged. More than that I pray it has inspired you to let go of the fear of people so that you can live out of the acceptance of Christ.

The next key on my journey of freedom is:

I understand that I am on this earth to please Him.

This is actually a mindset. One that needs to be aligned with the word as we come into a relationship with God. When you think about it, our whole lives have been trained to please others. When you’re a child you want to please your parents, when you’re a teenager you want to please everyone around you and when you are an adult you try to meet everyone else’s standards and expectations. That’s how the world thinks.

The bible encourages us time and time again to align our thinking with the kingdom of heaven. To renew our minds (Romans 12:2), to take off the old way of thinking and put on the new (Ephesians 4:22-24). This leads me to believe that we need to understand we are on this earth to please Him. Not the people around us.

God revealed to me that my mindset was not renewed in this area. That part of my journey of overcoming this fear would be through shifting my thinking from dwelling on the thoughts of people to the thoughts of God. He specifically instructed me to wake up each morning and remind myself that I live to please Him and Him alone. I have practiced this same renewal over the years regarding my self-confidence and security. He showed me I could go through the same renewal process in this area. I loved that God revealed it to me in that way. He knew that I would know how to walk through it by reminding me how I walked through so many other struggles in the same way. It gave me the confidence that I could overcome this too!

To be honest, NOW I am on the journey of applying this daily. Over time, as I continue to remind myself of this reality, it will become second nature. For now, I renew. There have been and will continue to be opportunities where this will be tested in me. I am ready for the challenge.

I am starting to understand that in order for God to do EVERYTHING He wants to do in and through us while on this earth we have to be free of this fear.

Personally, I know that I will not be able to do all that God has for me if this area isn’t taken care of. I know that there will be crazy things that God will ask of me one day. I want to be available and trust worthy to carry out those things. In order to do that, I have to NOT CARE what people think. I have to care way more about what God thinks of me and my obedience to Him than what naysayers (and there will be plenty of them) have to say.

Let me tell you, for this super sanguine who wants to be loved and accepted by everyone. THIS IS HARD. Like I said, I am ready and up for it.
Girls, I pray you join me on this journey as we renew and shift our thinking to living to please Him and Him alone.

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  1. KJ says: Reply

    Come on!! This is game changer!! It’s crazy how shifting our perspective, and renewing our minds really makes a massive difference in our lives! Girl, count me in for the journey!

    1. It really is!!! Thanks so much girlfriend! 💜

  2. KBT says: Reply

    A timely reminder as I shake off hurt feelings over a loved one’s tweets.

    1. It’s a journey of renewing! I’m reminding myself today and everyday that I live for the approval of God! You got this! X

  3. A-MA-ZING!!! Like you looked straight into my mind, and answered on behalf of God himself. Keep allowing God to use you.

    1. WOW! So grateful this spoke to you as much as it did for me! Love it ☺️

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