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    We all ache to know who we are. We seek and strive and grasp for identity, for the next personality, the next wardrobe, the next life style, ripping them off each other like we rip down old wallpaper. What is it about striping down to our real and raw selves that make us even more […]

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  • A Thrill of Hope

    a thrill of hope, she laughs

    As you step into a new year, let these beautiful words from our very own team member, Jessica Walker, breath hope into your mind, body & soul. ********************************************************** The world steps out of the Christmas season bursting with a glistening, giddy hope that springs from the depths of her toes up and into the creases […]

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    be still and know, just be, rest, she laughs, The She Laughs Project

    You have probably heard the scripture before, “Be Still and KNOW that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). I know I have, but in this most recent season my understanding of this verse has changed dramatically. I realize now that I didn’t truly understand those words.  I thought that they sounded great and that the whole […]