Meet the Team





Sarah Boller, also known as "SB", contributes her incredible photography skills to The She Laughs Project. SB is a 26 year old Virginia Beach girl, born and raised. Traveling the world and drinking coffee are some of her favorite things. She started taking photos in high school for fun and it has since grown into a passion of hers. She has a wide range of experience in the photography world, from live events, weddings, senior portraits, promotional material, and so on. She has a contagious love for God and His people and desires to use her talents for His glory. 

"Being a part of the She Laughs team is a dream come true! Using something I love, like photography, to help encourage others... well there is just nothing BETTER!"

xx SB




Melody Brauchle contributes her event planning and organizational skills to The She Laughs Project. She is a 20 something native Virginian married to a New Yorker. She loves her husband, food, coffee, being outside, and traveling. Pretty much in that order. She grew up in a Christian family and gave her life to Christ at a young age. Her faith really developed into her own after a few bumps in the road which caused her to clearly examine what she believes. She has always been the “party planner” in her group of friends and loves a well-thought-out event where people walk away feeling like they were apart of something special. Melody’s love for God and people really shines when she is able to serve through event planning. She is a fast talking, people person that wants to advance the Kingdom of God.

“Being apart of the She Laughs team is such an adventure! These girls are incredibly talented and I can’t wait to see how God uses this project!”

xx Melody



Jessica Walker contributes editing & blogging to The She Laughs Project. She is 22 years old and is graduating from Virginia Tech in May with a major in Creative Writing. After graduation, she plans to move back home to Virginia Beach. She loves surfing, writing poetry and drinking coffee but she really loves studying the Word and soaking up wisdom. Her heart’s cry is to see women understand who they are in Christ and to live in freedom and she wants to do that through her writing.

xx Jess