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Yasmina Prosser is a twenty-something, Virginia Beach local who has been happily married to the love of her life since 2013. At 19 years old, Yasmina made the decision to follow Christ in her bedroom after reading the Bible over the span of several weeks. The moment she accepted Christ into her life, she experienced God in a supernatural way and never turned back. Yasmina is a vivacious Christ-follower with a passion to share the good news of the gospel through speaking and writing. She has dedicated her life to discipling and cheering on women in personal relationships and through The She Laughs Project.

Yasmina has battled rejection, abandonment, abuse, depression and anxiety. Through her challenges she has determined to find the light of Christ in the darkness of those pains. She is on the journey of discovering more of Christ and who she is in Christ. This is the journey she wants to invite you on through The She Laughs Project, the discovery of our Heavenly Father who can reveal true identity and bring ultimate healing to our lives.

Yasmina worked on a church staff for five years before stepping out in an act of obedience to start The She Laughs Project. She believes that if there is a God dream in you, there is a step before you and she is committed to encouraging on the “God dreams” in other women.

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“I believe as we live in loving union with the Lord and discover our identity in Him an internal strength clothed in laughter will emerge from our hearts.”

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