I hope you enjoyed last weeks post and that it brought a little encouragement your way! If you haven’t had a chance to read “Fear to Freedom”, take a quick read before moving forward so you can grasp the entire picture! I am super excited to share the next step with you in my journey to freedom.

3. I find comfort in who God says I am.

This has been a BIG one!

Without even realizing it, I found comfort and value of who I was in people.

I was desperate for people in my world to affirm me. Not just like “hey, you did a good job”, it was much deeper. I wanted people to affirm WHOM I WAS- that I was accepted, loved and enough.

It became exhausting!

The Holy Spirit started to reveal to me that my way of thinking was actually not normal or correct. I was exchanging God’s voice for the voice of people.

What a counterfeit!

While I was striving to find acceptance and value in others I was ignoring God’s ultimate opinion of me. I had to stop looking for comfort in what other’s said and start living out of who God says I am.

Let’s face it, PEOPLE ARE HARD TO PLEASE! Thankfully we aren’t created to please people. I cannot express enough how much time and energy I spent finding comfort in human affirmation and applause. So much so, that I missed the standing ovation from God.

He has always been there cheering me on, with a heart full of love and acceptance.

Now that my eyes are opened to this truth I have changed the way I process my interactions with others.

Now, when I know I fall short in the eyes of others I have to cling to the knowledge that my God is pleased with me and loves me ANYWAY.

This is a major act of breakthrough in our thinking that I encourage you to practice.

When you fail others know that you please God.

Even say out loud in moments of disappointment “God, I know that you see my heart and you love me through it all.”

We have to remind ourselves of this! If not, we will drown in the overwhelming disapproval of others.

This week, I challenge you to DISCOVER and CHOOSE the voice of God in exchange of the voice of people.

P.S. The moment we start living out of the confidence of who God says we are is the moment we become unstoppable for the things of God. People may not like it, the enemy HATES it, but God sure does LOVE IT!

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  1. AnneMargaret Techanchuk says: Reply

    Wow!!! You have helped me today – what you shared reveals what has been troubling me and been making me feel so insecure lately – I didn’t even realize I was living for others approval – this is so good!!! Thank you

    1. WOW! So glad this encourages you like it encourages me! It’s crazy how easily we can go there! X

  2. This comment alone almost brought me to tears after a challenging/exhausting work week:

    “I missed the standing ovation from God.”

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